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Rauxes (Lady Tsuri of Veluna)
25 June 2011 @ 02:04 am
[Posted in the evening on Friday June 24th]

On behalf of the staff of Serenity, we wish to invite you all to the spa this weekend. We will have temporarily lowered prices for the duration. It is our sincere hope that we can help anyone plagued by this week's trials find a calm in the storm, if only for an hour or so. We will not pry, but if you wish to speak, we will listen.

We hope to see you in Serenity,

- Juliet, Rain, and Rauxes

[[OOC: Log is here, in which you can select which staff member you'd like to log with - it doesn't have to be all three, and it can be multiple in turns if you like!]]
Rauxes (Lady Tsuri of Veluna)
13 May 2011 @ 06:09 pm
I've said since I arrived I disliked the idea of an Elevator 'choosing' to spirit away a victim.

Strangely, this place I found myself in proved extremely useful. I suppose a thank you is in order to whomever arranged for that. Perhaps gods, Edens, and Faceless Friends alike move in mysterious ways.

I'm now on my way back to Serenity. I believe I'm prepared to become a full-time employee; my mind is at peace, and I can focus again.

Rauxes (Lady Tsuri of Veluna)
22 February 2011 @ 01:02 am
I still can't seem to get back into the spa. I apologize to the Serenity workers that I've been out so long already.

[Ink droplets if debating whether she wants to write more or not]

Thank you - to the Medics who looked after me, to the ones who helped Fayth, and to those who have been patient with me. I've [pause] learned a lot lately.

Rauxes (Lady Tsuri of Veluna)
03 February 2011 @ 05:56 am

If you happen to see this, I was hoping to enlist you as a friend, an adventurer, and a medic to come with me to the Wilderness. I'd really like to see what it's become, and if there are any more interesting and useful things there like the crystals from the caverns. I was able to make a few torches out of them! I thought I'd give you one if we go together. Unfortunately, I think a few people would rather I go with someone else - someone with healing knowledge. When we return, I'll treat you at Serenity as my first solo client just like I promised, on my honor.

I'm even better equipped this time than the last time we met! I woke up the other day in this wonderful armor - not too cumbersome at all - and a hefty sword. They've remained today, so I think they should still be with me tomorrow, don't you? We can spend today gathering supplies and make a day of it tomorrow!

Let me know if you're interested,
Rauxes (Lady Tsuri of Veluna)
"Yohan!" [The cry is from a young woman and it sounds like it's echoing in a cavernous area underground. It comes over the din of battle.]

"Calm down - the Mindflayers can't consume his mind immediately. If we focus on killing them, no harm will come to Yohan." [The older (35-ish) man's voice is firm, but well-intending. Think Stoneface/Vimes's style.]

"If only more of my attacks would hit that dual-wielder. He's a dodgy one." [Now a bit clearer, the female voice sounds like Rauxes (not Serenity) [[you can hear her voice in the role of 'Shephard' in video option 1, video option 2, or video option 3]] but the echoing of the caves distorts her voice a little.]

"I know what you mean. My spiritual weapon isn't doing as much damage to the spellcaster as I'd like, either."

"This is why I hate the Underdark - grells and aboleths and carrion crawlers and oozes and, WORST of all, illithids. Yuck." [That voice is from a young woman, who sounds like Grace/Aideen pitched an octave lower, with a bit more lilt to her voice despite the crass language. Think Stellaris/Anew with closer to Flame/Presea's personality.] "Next thing you know, drow will be blocking our way back to the surface. Why couldn't they be elementals or beasts instead of aberrations?"

"Less talk, more stabbing--" [A gruff adult man's voice.]

"Now, now, talking doesn't waste resources, Rogue-One."

"In other words, help out the group, or shut your flapping trap--"

"BY MY COUSIN'S KIDNEYS!" [It's the battle-cry of a loud, raucous, resounding male voice not unlike One Piece's Tilestone, aka the big guy who yells & gets punched here. After an initial CLANG of weapons clashing, the sound of combat intensifies.] "HAH! YOU WON'T TAKE THIS DWARF DOWN SO EASILY, BRAIN-EATERS!"

More, plus the sound of a tornado!Collapse )

[After a moment or two of silence] What in the name of all that's holy was that?
Rauxes (Lady Tsuri of Veluna)
22 January 2011 @ 01:40 am
Greetings to those more recently arrived than I, and greetings to those with the knowledge I seek,

I was unfortunately unable to complete my prenticeship with Lady Inara. I still hope for her return, but for now I seek the aid of others, some of whom perhaps I've not even met yet. Lady Inara was working with me on the art of using scents and oils and other herbal treatments. If you are willing to provide me with any insight on the creation of such items from their raw components - monetary compensation to be negotiated - I would be exceptionally grateful.

Signed, Rauxes
Rauxes (Lady Tsuri of Veluna)
01 January 2011 @ 10:30 pm
[[Apologies for Auction spam but it's easiest for me to avoid playercesting with a new entry]]

Well that was strangely entertaining - I don't use my money for much else, so it may as well go to charity. I didn't win one of my bids because I ran out. Next time I'll be sure to save up more beforehand. Since it was around the time of New Year's, I felt like I should be doing something for the ... hmm, well people other than myself, I guess.

I didn't realize you hadn't volunteered, Master Rain. Would you be interested in doing something together anyway?

And gracious that was a lot of money to win my auction! If this weren't for charity... Well anyway, Gai, what were you thinking of doing?

Eagle, I'm sorry we never got to meet due to all those undead. Would you allow me to make it up to you?

Signed, Rauxes

[[OOC: Left at the spa tomorrow (January 2) at the start of the work day is a little note in Rauxes's handwriting. She left it on the door of one of the back rooms that Inara rented out.]]
Even though I was offered a place to live here by Lady Inara, in her absence I feel obligated to ask the permission of those already living and working here. Please let me know if you approve by signing this paper.

Thank you, Rauxes
Rauxes (Lady Tsuri of Veluna)
19 November 2010 @ 02:35 pm
[[These notes appear in the bottom right-hand corner of a new page -- somebody didn't think they'd show up in the journals]]

intellect.   tragedy.   children.   captain - twice.   tides

Orange - "Faceless Friend"
us.   lot.   we - many times.   mangoes.   bold.   captain.   fisherman.   you.   elders.   children.   ours

them.   the sleepers.   fish - twice.   toys.   they.   slaves.   one.   nobody.   everybody.   ours.   children
die.   apple.   bait.   answers

mother's home.   face.   mother - twice.   mum.   we love presents.   socks.   band.   miss us.   waiting

he.   him



[[About two hours after this entry was posted, the notes appear to have been inked over]]
Rauxes (Lady Tsuri of Veluna)
16 November 2010 @ 12:53 am
So it seems that this tome is magic, though the powers still elude me. It's fair at least that we should each be given a magic item when we're still green, and the rest is up to us as individuals. We've all been hit with the same spell, so nobody can recall anything save our names. Who all 'we' represents also eludes me.

Next task, then: seeking wages. I didn't note a length of time on any of the requested trade services, and I don't want to just choose one out of thin air... I suppose that means a bit more research to do before I make my decision.


A word of caution to all who may read these words: the ella-vaytaur ^ is a fickle clockwork beast of burden, which can only be reigned into submission after entering its belly and pressing the numbered puzzle elements in a correct order. A gnomish creation of fancy, no doubt.

LocationTemporary Housing, First Floor, Edinn's Sphere Edensphere

[[The handwriting is the same as Seren's, but the style is a little different - more like chicken-scratch quick notes and not quite as formal; you make the call on whether your character 'recognizes' it or not

The scratched out sections come after the conversation with Tian, so it's possible for your character to see them before she scratches them out.]]